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Are Your 2015 Financial Goals and Resolutions On Track

Financial New Year’s resolutions and Money Saving Goals in 2015
According to a recent survey, 63 million people are planning to make a financial resolution in 2015 and many of these are certainly geared towards improving your finances. For most people, this resolution is probably to reduce their credit card debt (still precariously high at an average $8,400 per person). But some people may be making more creative financial resolutions for 2015. If you haven’t set your resolution yet, think about one of these:

Boost my credit scores – You’ll get the best rates on insurance, credit, loans and more if your credit scores are above 700. You can improve your credit scores by reducing your debts, removing negative inaccuracies from your credit report, maintaining a healthy balance of credit and loan accounts and avoiding unnecessary applications for credit. has a very detailed series of articles online that show you exactly how to improve your credit scores.
• Refinance my auto loan – Still paying $300 a month for that super expensive new car you bought last year? Why not consider refinancing your auto loan in 2015? You may be able to reduce your payments and save a bundle. Especially if your first loan was at a high rate or you have improved your credit scores since then.
Protect my identity – Identity theft is terrible crime. Protect yourself in 2015 by buying a shredder, installing virus protection on your computer and subscribing to a credit monitoring program. Just a few simple steps can help you dramatically reduce your risk. You can read more about identity theft here.
Open an IRA account – Save for retirement and reduce your taxes by opening an IRA in 2015. Opening this investment account can seem complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. Start by reading The Motley Fool’s guide to IRAs and then choose a trusted broker to open an account with.

The editorial team is committed to findign the best loan articles, debt and credit saving tips for the new year. What are your financial goals for 2015, and what are some tips that you can share to help others achieve their goals, pay down debt and gain some financial freedom?resolution